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VTAC 2017 - How to apply

VTAC 2017 - How to apply

Key Dates:

Application Open 9amMonday August 7th.

Timely applications ($35 for current Year 12 students) close 5pm, Thursday September 28th.

Late applications ($103) close 5pm, Friday November 3rd.

Very late applications ($134) close 5pm, Friday December 8th.

Final payment deadline 4pm, Tuesday December 12th (International VCE applicants)

Final payment deadline for all local students 4pm, Monday December 18th (all local applicants)


Step 1 Get the VTAC App Available from the Apple App Store and Google Play (Free)


  • VTAC recommends the VTAC App – less download time.
  • Contains full entries for all courses, including selection criteria
  • Searchable, with hyperlinks
  • Can be read on- or off-line
The VTACmag is available from Newsagents (RRP $7.95) and as a digital magazine on the IOS App Store and Google Play Store ($4.49)

Step 2  - Register for a VTAC account from AUGUST 7th. and sign up to the VTAC Facebook page.

  • All VTAC applications are completed online using the same ID and password
  • Registration is a simple question-based process.  You will need your VCAA number and date of birth
  • Choose your own VTAC PIN and you will be assigned a new VTAC ID that is not your VCAA student number
  • The VCAA student number can no longer be used to log in to the VTAC user account.  You will use your VTAC ID and PIN.
If you have ANY issues creating your VTAC ID, you MUST come and see us in the careers office.  DO NOT create more than one account.
Use a personal, not school email address when prompted for one.  This will be the address VTAC uses to contact you regarding offers etc. so make sure it works!
Lost PINs can be retrieved from the log-in form.
Nominate a proxy if needed - someone who can act on your behalf if, for example, you are away when offers are made.
VTAC cannot discuss individual applications with anyone except the applicant and authorised nominee (proxy).

Step 3 - Apply for courses

List up to 8 courses/institutions (list at least 5 and make sure your 'dream course' is your first preference.  Always list them in the order you want to get into the course

•To add course preferences: Select institution and course or type in the course code.
•To move a course on the preference list use the up/down buttons.
•To delete a course use the x button.
Once you have applied, an application receipt will be sent by email to you and to your user account
Application status and course preferences will be visible to you.
Complete any applicable selection requirements e.g. personal statement, submitting a folio, arranging an interview etc. THese tasks are ESSENTIAL!!!

Step 4 - Apply for SEAS and Scholarships

You must register with VTAC first (see steps above) before before applying for SEAS and/or scholarships.
SEAS -Special entry access scheme
Primarily for students who have suffered long-term disadvantage that has impacted on their education. Exception: Category 1 (Personal Information and Location) – everyone should apply for category 1.
SEAS is an umbrella scheme used by many institutions: a single application covers many different preferences
Some institutions run their own special consideration schemes instead of or in addition to SEAS

 If you have been disadvantaged in some way during schooling, a SEAS application can be submitted and may have an impact on your acceptance into a course.  Here's an example of how this works:



Offered a place?






+ subject bonus

= 95.00 rank











+ subject bonus

= 86.00 rank





There are different weightings given to different circumstances, so the above is just an example to show you how it might work.  See the careers office for more information on how to apply for SEAS.

SEAS does not exempt applicants from meeting course requirements.
You must meet course prerequisites, attend all interviews, sit any required tests, and submit all required folios and forms.
Apply for as many categories as are applicable.

Category 1: Personal information and location

Category 2: Disability or medical condition

Category 3: Disadvantaged financial background

Category 4: Difficult circumstance

See Careers office for more details.


  • VTAC collects scholarship applications for many institutions
  • One application needed for many institutions
  • Scholarships are not just for academic performance
  • Many equity scholarships have similar documentation requirements to SEAS
  • Statements must be submitted separately for each using the correct coversheet.
  • The list of scholarships is available on the VTAC website, including scholarships which require direct applications to institutions
  • Best piece of advice - Apply!!  You can start the process and go back and edit before the deadline.

Step 5 - And finally.....Get it right by December 20th at Noon! -This is the final closing time for Change of Preference before Round 1 Offers on January 16th at 2pm

  • Don't leave entering your preferences too late.
  • Institutions will continue to make the vast majority of offers in Round 1 (around 80%)
  • Courses are not required to participate in subsequent rounds
  • There is no guarantee of receiving an offer in a later round


Key Dates again:

Application open 9am, Monday August 7th.

Timely applications ($35) for current Year 12 students close 5pm, Thursday September 28th.

Late applications ($103) close 5pm, Friday November 3rd.

Very late applications ($134) close 5pm, Friday December 8th.

Final payment deadline 4pm, Tuesday December 12th (International VCE applicants) and

                                       4pm, Monday December 18 (all local applicants)